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What can our white friends do? Be like Jesse.

Of the many hats that I wear, I am so very proud to be a member of our local NAACP, serving as Vice President. I love the work that we do facilitating social justice nationally and among our small community of Oneonta. When I drove by Jesse today while running errands after work, I felt compelled to stop and talk to him. Jesse felt the need to drive in from his nearby hometown to peacefully protest violent acts against the black community because he is, “sick of sitting by and watching the world burn.” Jesse is outraged that people are are getting away with this abuse of authority. Many of my white friends ask me what they can do. I say this: Talk about it. Denounce social injustice. Raise awareness. And most importantly, join your local NAACP. 

Thank you, Jessie. 

Michelle Osterhoudt

Vice President, Oneonta Area NAACP

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