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Deadline May 17, 2024


Oneonta NAACP Award Program

The Oneonta Area Branch of the NAACP is pleased to announce that a $1000 Tuition Assistance Award will be given out this year.  All high school seniors and entering first year college students living in the Oneonta area are encouraged to submit their application and essay entitled “Saluting Greatness:  The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

This tuition assistance program began in 1995.  The purpose of this tuition assistance award is to recognize students who have demonstrated the ideals and principles of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in their schools and communities.  The Education committee seeks students with exemplary leadership skills who have championed the cause of cultural awareness, diversity and harmony.  All students regardless of ethnic origin and gender will be considered during this competitive process.

Applicants must submit a 500-750-word essay on “Saluting Greatness:  The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”   The applicant should address how they have, through the promotion of Dr. King’s principles, attempted to embrace the dream of interracial and/or cross-cultural fellowship in their school and/or communities.  Students must also submit two letters of recommendation: one from school and one from the community. 

The winner will be notified during the month of May.  Awards will be distributed upon verification of registration in a post secondary institution. 

All applicants must be submitted by May 17, 2024 to:

Michelle Osterhoudt, President Oneonta NAACP

33 Elm Street 

Oneonta, New York 13820

Oneonta Area Branch

Application HERE

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