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The Oneonta Chapter of the NAACP Celebrated the Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with great music, readings and birthday cake. Participants joined the Oneonta Chapter's celebration at the First United Presbyterian "The Red Door" Church. Among the musicians were Ajare Malcom who sang 'Three Dream Portraits" by Margaret Bonds accompanied by Dr. Timothy Newton. These songs were created from the poems of Langston Hughes and beautifully done. Other performances included the Black National Anthem sung by the entire fellowship accompanied by Tim Horne. Remarks were made several by

NAACP members, including Paul Conway, Michelle Osterhoudt and the Reverend Dr. Cynthia Walton-Leavitt. Additinally, the audience was fortunate to hear from Reverend LaDana Clark aka LADYJAM and Gretchen Sorin of the SUNY Oneonta Cooperstown Graduate Program. A video of the event will be released shortly, check back for updates.

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